Assessment Matters!

Assessment is the primary force that shapes what and how our students will learn. It is the means by which we, as academics, teachers and educators, judge students' achievements; and ultimately forms the basis by which we award a qualification. It matters because if we get it wrong, it can be catastrophic for the lives and careers of our students.

Fact: Most things that go wrong with assessment are our fault stemming from poor assessment design, they are not the fault of our students.

We can readily fall into the trap of assessing what is easy (or cheaper) to assess, not what needs to be assessed. Assessment Matters! provides you with the important and relevant matters to consider when designing and implementing effective assessment in your courses and programs.

Straight forward English is used wherever possible to provide an easily accessible reference guide to those new to assessment; as well as providing useful insight to those perhaps already familiar with good assessment practice.

Assessment Matters! has been written and developed by Nicola Shapland, Assessment Fellow, Griffith Institute for Higher Education, 2011. It has been made possible through the support of a Strategic Griffith Grant for Learning and Teaching: Developing consensus moderation practices to support comprehensive Quality Assurance of Assessment Standards, lead by Dr Duncan D. Nulty and Dr Kevin Ashford-Rowe.