Designing Effective Assessment


Model Exemplars

It is one thing for a student to say I understand the meaning of "my argument must be logical, correct and clear in all aspects" and another thing to recognise what this actually looks like. To help students recognise what to aim for, the use of model answers or exemplars is highly recommended. Providing annotated explanations of what is good about the model answer further assists students to understand what to aim for. And finally, providing a range of annotated exemplars from poor through to excellent, further assists students to recognise and understand quality work. An example of what not to do can be an equally powerful learning tool for students.

Whether or not the students have been involved in the writing of the marking scheme, they will benefit from practice applying them. Applying the marking scheme as a peer review exercise in class is a worthwhile learning experience and formative assessment strategy for students.

Model exemplars are examples, typical specimens or model answers for an assessment. They demonstrate to students the type and level of performance expected for an assessment task.