Designing Effective Assessment


Review and Improve Your Assessment

It is essential to evaluate any course; to determine what worked well, what didn't and consider the areas that can be improved for next time. Assessment is a critical aspect of your course and must also be evaluated, preferably within the context of the course evaluation. We don't just evaluate to improve those areas of assessment that didn't work; we evaluate to enhance those that did.

Effective evaluation requires data and feedback from a number of sources. In addition, data should be collected as soon as possible in relation to the assessment - when the experiences (and memories) are still fresh.

Smith (2008) describes a 4Q model of evaluation for the review of teaching (which encompasses assessment). The model describes sourcing feedback through multiple sources: you, your peers and your students and can be adapted to specifically target the evaluation of assessment.

Self Reflection to Student Results to Student Experience to Peer Review, then back to Self Reflection Self Reflection Peer Review Student Results Student Experience
Figure 8: 4Q Feedback Model for Evaluation of Assessment (adapted from Smith, 2008)

Effective evaluation of assessment gathers data and feedback from more than one source in a timely manner. It looks at both what worked well and what didn't; with the aim to make improvements and/or enhancements for next time.