Schoolgirls' Breakfast Career Experience Day

Schoolgirls' Breakfast Career Experience Day
Schoolgirls' Breakfast Career Experience Day

Sport is a central feature of life in Australia, generating a variety of industries from sport management to exercise science. Griffith Business School's Department of Tourism, Sport and Hotel Management offers students an insight into these exciting and dynamic industries at a schoolgirls''breakfast career experience day each year.

When: 7.00 am – 12.30 pm, Wednesday 24 May 2017
Where: Function Centre, Link Building (G07), Griffith University, Gold Coast campus
Includes: Breakfast, panel presentation, workshops
Cost: There is no fee assiciated with attendance
Contact: or call 07 5552 8624 for more information.

Who can attend?

Female students in years 10, 11 or 12, who wish to examine career pathways built on a passion for sport.


Sport events

Ever wondered what it is like to be involved in organising major sporting events, such as the Commonwealth Games or weekly national sporting league competitions? Coordination between the media, athletes, spectators and venues has become an exciting realm of sport management. Specialists are now required to organise and coordinate the operation and management of such events. Some of the pivotal components of a sport organisation's marketing communications campaign include working with sport celebrities, catering for the thousands of spectators and media reporting. This session is designed to provide you with an understanding of the interesting role that Sport Event Managers now play and the opportunities that are rapidly expanding for women in this field. You will be introduced to the various elements within sport events that include athlete management, event and venue operations.

Unearthing your personal brand

Do you know what your X factor is? This workshop provides some insight into the adult elite sport environment and the pressures placed on athletes choosing to enter this field. Surviving and thriving in this arena can be determined by the X factor in areas connected to a person's character, reputation or personal brand rather than just sheer sporting talent.

Sport Fusion in the Red Zone (presented by the School of Engineering)

Do you know how much energy you use in a normal day? Find out how wearable sensor technology works and what this means for the future of sports. The Sports and Biomedical Engineering Laboratory (SABEL Labs) has developed some of Australia's leading wearable sports technologies that measure the physics of body movement. This interactive session in the Red Zone will focus on the fusion of sport and career skills. Participants will wear a sensor that will record their movements, download the data, analyse it, and interpret it using a graphical user interface.

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