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Great Barrier Reef building coral under threat from poisonous seaweed

World-first research on the Great Barrier Reef has shown how ‘weed-like’ algae will kill vital coral because of increased carbon dioxide concentrations in the atmosphere. […]

Stephanie Bedo February 6, 2017
A celebration of remarkable science, engineering and technology

Each year the Pro Vice Chancellor (Sciences) recognises the remarkable achievements of the group’s alumni, academic and professional staff. This year the group also applauded its […]

Stephanie Bedo November 23, 2016
Coral: Choosing the wrong symbiotic partner can mean life or death

A Griffith University researcher and her collaborators have found that choosing the right partner could mean the difference between survival and death for certain coral […]

Stephanie Bedo November 11, 2016
Commercial fishing bans may not be enough to protect fish numbers

Proposed recreational fishing zones in Queensland may fail to meet their objectives in guaranteeing weekend anglers the chance of a better catch, a new Griffith University study has found.

Stephanie Bedo
Study identifies global river protection gaps

A Griffith University researcher has helped create a first-ever global gap assessment of the protection of the world’s rivers to identify where river conservation priorities […]

Stephanie Bedo
Billions invested in Australia’s water reform – but is the journey over?

In the past 12 years, Australian governments have invested more than $13 billion in water reforms designed to tackle increasing water demands, ageing water infrastructure, […]

Stephanie Bedo October 6, 2016
Griffith University named Employer of Choice

GRIFFITH University has been named Employer of Choice for 2016 at the annual Women in Technology awards, building on its reputation as a leader in […]

Nick Nichols September 5, 2016