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In-text referencing:

Groups that serve as authors (e.g. corporations, associations, government agencies etc.) are usually spelled out each time they appear in-text.


Direct quote:
Euromonitor (2012) states that "30% of those aged between 25 years and 34 years drank bottled water, down from 36% in 2007" (para. 2).

Young Australians are drinking less bottled water, with a 6% drop in consumption between 2007 and 2012 (Euromonitor, 2012).

Reference list Entry:

If no individual name is identified on an industry report, the authors are treated like a corporate or government author, e.g. the owners of the content (e.g. Euromonitor) are named. The database where industry reports are found (e.g. Passport) ARE NOT NAMED in APA 6.


Euromonitor International. (2012, March). Australia: Country pulse. Retrieved from


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