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Griffith Program

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Bachelor of Music
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Griffith University
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Course equivalent precedents

5910QCM Choral Ensemble (5CP) = 1572QCM Choral Ensemble 2;

5910QCM Choral Ensemble (5CP) = 2571QCM Choral Ensemble 3;

5910QCM Choral Ensemble (5CP) = 2572QCM Choral Ensemble 4;

5960QCM Opera Ensemble (5CP) = 2925QCM Opera Ensemble 3;

5960QCM Opera Ensemble (5CP) = 2926QCM Opera Ensemble 4;

Music Literature Elective = 1722QCM Performance and Technology;

Music Literature Elective = 1104QCM Popular Music and Cultural Context;

Music Literature Elective = 2106QCM Roots of Rock and Pop;

Free Choice Elective = 1064QCM Songwriting Techniques 1;

Free Choice Elective = 1161QCM Sound Engineering 1;

5CP Free Choice Elective = 1711QCM Music Technology 1;

5CP Free Choice Elective = 1712QCM Info-Tech Arts;

5CP Free Choice Elective = 1721QCM Music Technology 2;

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