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Griffith Program

Program Title
Bachelor of Business
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Previous Institution and Course

Previous Program Title
Course Equivalents (OUA)
Previous Institution
Flinders University
Qualification Level
Completion Level
Course equivalent precedents
1102AFE Accounting for Decision Making
= BUSN1011 Accounting for Managers
BLW17 Business Law
= BUSN1019 Law for Business
ECO11 Principles of Economics
= BUSN1013 Economics for Business
EHR202 Human Resource Management Principles
= BUSN2038 Human Resource Management
EHR205 Organisational Behaviour
= BUSN1021 Organisational Behaviour
EHR302 Training and Development
= BUSN2030 Training and Development
IBA205 Comparative Managment
= BUSN2039 International Business Managment
ICT108 Business Informatics
= COMP1301 Information Systems in Business
MKT103 Introduction to Marketing
= BUSN1022 Marketing Principles
Course nonequivalent precedents
1101IBA Management Concepts
does not = BUSN1012 Management, People & Organisations
1303AFE Economics for Decision Making 1
does not = BUSN1013 Economics for Business
AFE135 Business Data Analysis
does not = BUSN1009 Quantitative Methods
EHR101 Work and Employability
does not = BUSN2034 Interpersonal Skills for Professionals
GIR204 Government Business Relations
does not = BUSN1014 Financial Markers
IBA304 Intercultural Management
does not = BUSN2044 Managing Diversity
MKT319 Franchising and Small Business
does not = LEGL2114 Regulating Small Business

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