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Griffith Program

Program Title
Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice
Program Code

Previous Institution and Course

Previous Program Title
Course Equivalents (OUA)
Previous Institution
University of Western Sydney
Qualification Level
Completion Level
Course equivalent precedents
CCJ113 Introduction to Criminology and Criminal Justice
= 101560 Introduction to Crime and Criminal Justice
CCJ12 Police, Courts and Criminal Law
= 101568 Legislation, Courts & Policing
CCJ18 Understanding Social Problems
= 101551 Understanding Society
CCJ18 Understanding Social Problems
= 101551 Understanding Society
CCJ214 Victimology
= 101564 Victimisation and Crime Prevention
CCJ217 Forensic Science & Criminal Justice
= 300935 Evidence and Crime Scene Management
CCJ22 Introduction to Policing
= 101565 Theories and Concepts of Policing
CCJ32 Social Science Research Method
= 400337 Social Research Methods
CCJ36 Punishment, Justice and Reform
= 101558 Prisons and Punishment
CCJ37 Youth Justice
= 400684 Juvenile Crime and Justice
Course nonequivalent precedents
CCJ13 Law Government & Policy
does not = 101568 Legislation, Courts and Policing
CCJ18 Understanding Social Problems
does not = 101557 The individual in society
CCJ19 Doing Criminology
does not = 101559 Introduction to Criminology
CCJ22 Introduction to Policing
does not = 101566 Contemporary Policing
CCJ307 Developing Professionally
does not = 101553 Organisations, Communities and Communication
CCJ330 Applied Criminal Justice
does not = 101566 Contemporary Policing
CCJ34 Professional Ethics & Corruption Prevention
does not = 101555 Ethics in the Social Sciences
CCJ39 Race, Crime & Justice
does not = 101556 The Geographies of Social Difference
CCj27 Sociology of Crime
does not = 101557 The Individual in Society

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