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Griffith Program

Program Title
Bachelor of Laws
Program Code

Previous Institution and Course

Previous Program Title
Course Equivalents
Previous Institution
James Cook University (JCU)
Qualification Level
Completion Level
Course equivalent precedents
1029LAW Contracts 1
= LA1105 Contract Law 1
1030LAW Contracts 2
= LA1106 Contract Law 2
1030LAW Contracts 2
= LA2012 Contract Law 2
1031LAW Foundations of Law
= LA1006 Law in Context + LA1007 Legal System and Methods
1031LAW Foundations of Law
= LA1101 legal Institutions and Processes + LA1102 Legal Research, Writing and Analysis
1st Year Law elective
= LA1107 Contemporary Practice: The New Lawyer
2019LAW Crime 1
= LA1005 Principles of Criminal Law A
2020LAW Crime 2
= LA2018 Principles of Criminal Law B
2021LAW Torts 1
= LA1011 Torts A Specific Torts
2021LAW Torts 1
= LA2019 Torts A - Specific Torts
2022LAW Torts 2
= LA1012 Torts B Negligence
2nd Year Law elective
= LA1027 Human Rights Law
3014LAW Property 1
= LA2015 Land Law 1
3015LAW Property 2
= LA2016 Land Law 2
3016LAW Constitutional Law
= LA3105 Constitutional Law
4025LAW Corporations and Associations
= LA3106 Company and Partnership Law
5045LAW Public International Law
= LA4012 Public International Law
5163LAW Succession
= LA4007 Succession
5194LAW Evidence
= LA3004 Evidence
Free Choice Elective
= CY1001 Deviance,Crime and Society
Law Elective
= LA1102 Legal Research, Writing and Analysis
Law Elective
= LA4005 Jurisprudence
Law Elective
= LA4034 Alternative Dispute Resolution
Course nonequivalent precedents
1028LAW Global Law
does not = LA1103 Law, Society and change
1028LAW Global Law
does not = LA1104 Legal Concepts
4024LAW Equity and Trusts
does not = LA3013 Principles of Equity

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