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Griffith Program

Program Title
Bachelor of Laws
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Course Equivalents
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La Trobe University
Qualification Level
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Course equivalent precedents
1028LAW Global Law
= LAW21PIL Public International Law
1029LAW Contracts 1
= LAW2CTA Contract Law A
1030LAW Contracts 2
= LAW2CTB contract Law B
1030LAW Contracts 2
= LAW21CL Law of Contracts
1031LAW Foundations of Law
= LAW11LIM Legal Institutes & Methods
10cp Law Elective
= LST1LOJ Law, Order and Justice
10cp Law Elective
= LAW21CL Introduction to Chinese Law
10cp Law Elective
= LAW22PPI Principles of Public Law
10cp Law Elective
= LAW53CBL Chinese Business Law
10cp Law Elective
3016LAW Constitutional Law
= LAW2CSL Princ. of Constitution + LAW1PPL Principles of Public law
2019LAW Crime 1
= LAW1CRL Principles of Criminal Law
2019LAW Crime 1
= LAW22CRM Criminal Law
2020LAW Crime 2
= LAW3CPE Criminal Procedure & Evidence
2022LAW Torts 2
= LAW2TOR Law of Torts
2022LAW Torts 2
= LAW2TOT Principles of Tort Law
3015LAW Property 2
= LAW3PRP Property Law
3016LAW Constitutional Law
= LAW22CNL Constitutional Law
4024LAW Equity and Trusts
= LAW3EQT Law of Equity & Trusts
4025LAW Corporations and Associations
= LAW2CCC Commercial and Consumer Contracts
5036LAW Alternative Dispute Resolution - Clinic
= LAW11DRE Dispute Resolution
5177LAW International Arbitration
= LAW51CA International Commercial Arbitration
5210LAW Civil Procedure
= LAW2CIV Civil Procedure

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