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Griffith Program

Program Title
Bachelor of Business
Program Code

Previous Institution and Course

Previous Program Title
Course Equivalents (OUA)
Previous Institution
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)
Qualification Level
Completion Level
Course equivalent precedents
GIR204 Government Business Relations
= BSB119 Global Business
IBA111 Management Concepts
= BSB115 Introduction to Management
MKT341 Entrepreneurship and New Business Ventuing
= MGB227 Entrepreneurship
Course nonequivalent precedents
EHR208 Business Communication
does not = BSB124 Working in Business
IBA218 Business Processes
does not = BSB124 Working in Business
IBA304 Intercultural Management
does not = MGB225 Intercultural Communication and Negotiation Skills
IBA305 Quality Management
does not = MGB200 Managing People

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