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Planned Articulation
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Griffith Program

Program Title
Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)
Program Code

Previous Institution and Course

Previous Program Title
Bachelor of Environmental Engineering (Years 1 & 2)
Previous Institution
Hanoi University of Natural Resources and Environment (HUNRE), Vietnam
Qualification Level
Completion Level
Specified credit awarded
160 CP
Course equivalent precedents

160CP credit transfer awarded for completion of Years 1 and 2 of the Bachelor of Environmental Engineering, towards the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Environmental Engineering major, as below:

1010ENG Engineering Mathematics 1
= KDTO2101 Advanced Mathematics 1
1017ENG Engineering Materials
= MTCN2101 Introduction to Engineering Materials
1018ENG Engineering Science
= KDVL201 Fundamental Physics
1020ENG Engineering Mathematics 2
= KDTO2103 Linear Algebra
1021SCG Chemistry 1A
= KDHH2101 General Chemistry + MTDQ2302 Environmental Analysis and Assessment Methods
1022ENG Engineering Design Practice
= MTCN2302 AutoCAD in Environmental Engineering + MTDQ2304 Environmental Planning Methods
1105ENG Numerical and Computing Skills
= CTKH2101 Introduction to Computing for Engineering and Science + CTKH2102 Numerical Methods and Programming
1501ENG Engineering Mechanics
= KDCH2101 Engineering Mechanics
1701ENG Creative Engineering
= KTQU2151 Communication for Undergraduate + NNTA2101 English + NNTA2102 Advanced English
2002ENG Fluid Mechanics and Hydraulics
= MTCN2301 Environmental Fluid Mechanics
2004ENG Hydrology
= MTCN2303 Environmental Hydrology
2102ENG Soil Mechanics
= MTCN2102 Soil Mechanics
2201ENG Engineering Thermodynamics
= MTCN2303 Heat and Mass Transfer Processes
2202ENG Environmental Microbiology and Ecology
= MTQT2301 Environmental Microbiology and Ecology + MTDQ2304 Practices on Environmental Microbiology
2205NSC Calculus II
= KDTO2102 Advanced Mathematics 2
3201ENG Water and Wastewater Treatment Fundamentals
= MTDQ2301 Environmental Chemistry + MTCN2304 Environmental Physical-Chemical Processes
Course required for completion of degree

Students can complete the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours), Environmental Engineering major in 160CP (2 years), commencing in Trimester 1 or 2.

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