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The University's Credit and Recognition of Prior Learning Policy will apply.     Credit will only be awarded in accordance with the requirements of ESSA i.e.

1.5 Advanced Standing (Credit) for Recognition of Prior Learning 

1.5.1 The education provider must have a clear procedure for assessing and recording when advanced standing (credit) is granted. For the granting of advanced standing for a unit of study, the education provider must adhere to their RPL Policy which is used to ensure that the student has met the required knowledge, application and skills for the given unit of study to gain the credit award. 

1.5.2 No advanced standing can be granted for previous informal or non-formal learning, i.e. work experience. RPL for practicum can only be awarded if practicum hours were completed as part of a course that is accredited at the level of Exercise Science. 

1.5.3 No advanced standing (credit) can be granted for aspects of a course that are submitted as meeting any of the Exercise Physiology Professional Standards. This is unless the study was completed as part of a course that is accredited at the level of Exercise Physiology. 

Note: course equivalents approved towards other Griffith University degrees not accredited by ESSA at the level of Exercise Physiology will need to be reconsidered.

For non-AHS course precedents, please refer to:
1012 Bachelor of Psychological Science for PSY courses.
1093 Bachelor of Health Science for MSC courses.
1395 Bachelor of Pharmacy for PHM courses.
1440 Bachelor of Public Health for MED courses.

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