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Griffith Program

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Bachelor of Music
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Previous Institution and Course

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Diploma of Music
Previous Institution
Griffith University
Qualification Level
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Specified credit awarded
80 CP
Course equivalent precedents

80CP* credit transfer awarded for completion of the Diploma of Music towards the Bachelor of Music.

*provided required courses have been completed in the Diploma of Music for the chosen major:

  • Composition - 1007QCM Keyboard Skills (Classical Voice/Composition), 1390QCM_Y1 Composition Study 1 (Part 1), 1390QCM_Y2 Composition Study 1 (Part 2) and Conservatorium Ensemble Studies elective (5CP)
  • Creative Music Technology - 1710QCM Interactive Music, 1723QCM Real-Time Systems, 1731QCM Creative Studio Practices 1 and 1732QCM Creative Studio Practices 2
  • Performance - 1360QCM_Y1 Performance Study 1 (Part 1), 1360QCM_Y2 Performance Study 1 (Part 2), and Conservatorium Ensemble Studies electives (x2), plus 10CP from 1007QCM Keyboard Skills (Classical Voice/Composition), 1015QCM Keyboard Foundation Skills 1, 1016QCM Keyboard Foundation Skills 2, or Conservatorium Ensemble Studies electives.
  • Popular Music - 1526QCM Popular Music Performance 1,1527QCM Popular Music Performance 2, 1731QCM Creative Studio Practices 1 and 1732QCM Creative Studio Practices 2

Students who have completed other elective courses in the Diploma will have total credit confirmed at time of enrolment in the degree.

1007QCM Keyboard Skills (Classical Voice/Composition)
= *1007QCM Keyboard Skills (Classical Voice/Composition) (5CP)
1015QCM Keyboard Foundation Skills 1
= *1015QCM Keyboard Foundation Skills 1 (5CP)
1016QCM Keyboard Foundation Skills 2
= *1016QCM Keyboard Foundation Skills 2 (5CP)
1020QCM My Life as a Musician 1
= 1020QCM My Life as a Musician 1
1101QCM Exploring Music
= 1101QCM Exploring Music
1360QCM_Y1 Performance Study 1 (Part 1)
= *1360QCM_Y1 Performance Study 1 (Part 1)
1360QCM_Y2 Performance Study 1 (Part 2)
= *1360QCM_Y2 Performance Study 1 (Part 2)
1390QCM_Y1 Composition Study 1 (Part 1)
= *1390QCM_Y1 Composition Study 1 (Part 1)
1390QCM_Y2 Composition Study 1 (Part 2)
= *1390QCM_Y2 Composition Study 1 (Part 2)
1526QCM Popular Music Performance 1
= *1526QCM Popular Music Performance 1
1527QCM Popular Music Performance 2
= *1527QCM Popular Music Performance 2
1710QCM Interactive Music
= *1710QCM Interactive Music
1723QCM Real-Time Systems
= *1723QCM Real-Time Systems
1731QCM Creative Studio Practices 1
= *1731QCM Creative Studio Practices 1
1732QCM Creative Studio Practices 2
= *1732QCM Creative Studio Practices 2
1811QCM Music Theory and Aural Studies 1
= 1811QCM Music Theory and Aural Studies 1
1812QCM Music Theory and Aural Studies 2
= 1812QCM Music Theory and Aural Studies 2
Conservatorium Ensemble Studies elective
= *Conservatorium Ensemble Studies elective (5CP)
Conservatorium Listed Elective
= Conservatorium Listed Elective
Course required for completion of degree

Students can complete the Bachelor of Music in 160CP (2 years), commencing in Trimester 1.

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