2012 International Social Marketing Conference

2012 International Social Marketing Conference

Getting someone to change their behaviour is a lot harder then getting them to change soap brands or buy a particular car. That is what makes social marketing so challenging when compared to regular commercial marketing. It’s also what makes it so rewarding. As social marketers, we need to delve deeper in order to fully understand the issues we face, and how we can bring about change.

Sponsored by Griffith University, the 2012 ISM conference will bring together a combination of social marketing experts as well as government employees and non-profit organisation administrators from across the globe. The ISM conference is the place to be for anyone who wants to gain understanding of current social issues, share knowledge of social marketing techniques and encourage the development of collaborative relationships in order to use marketing as a tool for social change.

Guest Speakers:

Doug MacKenzie Mohr | "Fostering Sustainable Behaviour: Beyond Brochure"

Jeff French | "Social Marketing: A Core Part of the Operational and Strategic DNA of all Social Programs"

Russell Belk | "Sharing in an Internet Age: Are we Entering a Brave New World of Sharing?"


Visit the ISM 2012 website for registration costs and program details: aasm.org.au/ism2012



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