China's Rise, America's Pivot, and Japan's Choice for Peace and Stability of the Asia-Pacific Region

China's Rise, America's Pivot, and Japan's Choice for Peace and Stability of the Asia-Pacific Region

Principal speaker

Lieutenant General Noboru Yamaguchi

Presented by: Lieutenant General Noboru YAMAGUCHI, Professor and Director for International Programs, National Defense Academy (NDA) of Japan

The security landscape in the Asia-Pacific region in the long run will mainly be determined by two significant actors, the People’s Republic of China and the United States. China’s rise has been and will continue to be an extremely prominent factor for the rest of region. While how fast and toward which direction China will proceed is still open to question. The US has made a significant step to keep being involved in the region’s politics by declaring that it will rebalance itself towards the Asia-Pacific region. For architects of Japan’s security strategy, it is crucially important 1) to scrutinize both negative and positive impacts of China’s Rise without any bias, 2) to have a clear picture of the US rebalance with understanding of the roles of America’s allies for proper implementation of this policy, and 3) to develop courses of action and possible policies for Japan to better serve to the region’s peace and stability.

Lieutenant General Noboru YAMAGUCHI, JGSDF (Ret.) is now Professor and Director for International Programs of the National Defense Academy (NDA) of Japan. He graduated from the NDA majoring in applied physics in 1974 and trained as an army aviator, mainly flying helicopters. He received his MA from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University in 1988 and was a National Security Fellow at John M. Olin Institute for Strategic Studies, Harvard University 1991-1992. LTG YAMAGUCHI’s major assignments include Senior Defense Attache at the Japanese Embassy in the United States (1999-2001), Deputy Commandant of GSDF Aviation School (2001-2003), Director for Research of the GSDF Research and Development Command (2003-2005), Vice President of the National Institute for Defense Studies (2005-2006) and Commanding General of the GSDF Research and Development Command (2006-2008). After retiring from active duty in December 2008, LTG YAMAGUCHI started teaching military history and strategy. After the East Japan Great Earthquake, he served at the Prime Minister’s Official Residence as Special Adviser to the Cabinet on Crisis Management from March to September, 2011.

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