WOW HDR Event - Researching from a multi-layered perspective

WOW HDR Event - Researching from a multi-layered perspective

Principal speaker

Professor Geraldine Healy

Seminar: This session will take an applied approach to researching from a multi-layered perspective including the engagement of multiple research methods. Throughout it will stress the role of history and spend some time discussing the role of the interview.  The aim is for an informal and interactive seminar.

Speaker: Geraldine Healy is Professor of Employment Relations and Director of the Centre for Research in Equality and Diversity at the School of Business and Management, Queen Mary University of London. Geraldine has a particular interest in the interrelationship of a number of themes including the intersectional nature of discrimination and disadvantage; inequality regimes; individualism and collectivism; career; the gap between equality and diversity policies and practices and multiple rationalities. Her research recognises the importance of a multilayered analysis and the role of history. Geraldine’s books include Gender and Union Leadership, Routledge 2013 (with Gill Kirton), Ethnicity and Gender at Work, Palgrave 2008, (with Harriet Bradley), Diversity, ethnicity, migration and work: international perspectives, 2011, Palgrave Macmillan (with Franklin Oikelome), co-editor of Equalities, inequalites and diversity (Palgrave) and The Future of Worker Representation (Palgrave 2004). She has also published widely in leading international journals.

Her current research work includes a project for the TUC on The Challenges of Organising Women Casualised Workers (2015) and an EU funded project on ‘Close the Deal, Fill the Gap’ a comparative project on the gender pay gap with universities of Verona and Silesia (with Hazel Conley and Pedro Martins). (2014-2016).


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