Family & Friends Workshops

Family & Friends Workshops

The Family and Friends events scheduled for Sunday 22 February are going ahead as planned at Gold Coast and Nathan campuses. Please check the Griffith website before travelling to campus on Sunday for any updates on the most accessible entry points to campus.

Starting university is an exciting time, but it can also seem daunting. As a family member or friend, it can be challenging for you too. Griffith recognises the importance of the support and encouragement you provide, and welcomes you as a vital part of the university community.

Griffith offers a range of support services to help new students familiarise themselves with university, balance work and family commitments with study, and feel confident and succeed in their degree. Griffith also offers free seminars to family and friends to provide information about:


1. what to expect as your student moves into tertiary education

2. how to support your student’s aspirations, well-being and development

3. strategies for succeeding at university.

You’ll have the chance to ask Griffith University staff and students questions and take a brief tour of the campus. New students are welcome to attend with their family and friends.

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