Empowering Parents of Children with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Guide Their Child's Learning

Empowering Parents of Children with Austism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to Guide Their Child's Learning

Principal speaker

Amanda Webster

Empowering Parents to Guide Their Child’s Learning
Working with schools and professionals to get the best outcome for your child with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

Who should attend?
This workshop is primarily for parents or carers of children with ASD, but would also be helpful for parents of children with other developmental disabilities.

What's the aim of this workshop and research project?
To give you, as a parents of a child with ASD the knowledge, strategies and support you need to develop a vision and plan for their child and to work with educators and professionals to develop and implement effective educational programs for their children.

What will the research project and workshop involve?
You will participate in a two-day workshop in which you will be given specific training and strategies in the use of the Cycle of Learning framework in order to enable you to guide your child’s learning as they progress through school and to work with schools to implement effective educational programs that will support your child to achieve his/her full potential.
You will be guided to develop not only a plan for your child, but a plan of action to help you make more effective decisions, be a successful advocate for them, and assist them to identify their own strengths and needs and eventually advocate for themselves.

Dr Amanda Webster, Autism Centre of Excellence

  • Dr Amanda Webster has worked for over 28 years with both individuals with autism spectrum disorder and other developmental disabilities and their families in school, home and community settings.
  • She is currently the Program Convenor for the Autism Studies program at the Autism Centre of Excellence at Griffith University.
  • Before coming to Griffith, she worked in Australia and the USA in positions as a school leader, program developer, special educator, early intervention specialist, and behavior analyst in both inclusive and special schools and home settings. This has led her to develop a particular expertise in the design of education programs for individuals with ASD and other disabilities as well as the implementation of evidence-based practice for individuals with ASD in school curriculum and environments.

Further information on the event can found on the Autism Centre of Excellence events page, as well as the Workshop Flyer.

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RSVP on or before Monday 23 February 2015 , by email a.webster@griffith.edu.au, or by phone (07) 37355766

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