GrowsAtGriffith: technology for biodiversity

GrowsAtGriffith: technology for biodiversity

Principal speaker

Professor Catherine Pickering

Using technology to enhance our knowledge of what grows in our region, including at Griffith University.

Griffith University, as part of its ongoing engagement with our local community, is highlighting the amazing biodiversity of our region. There are over 4,000 species of plants native to south-eastern Queensland, with more than 750 growing across Griffith University’s five campuses. To help students, staff and the community know more, and do more, with these plants, Griffith has developed and released a free app showcasing over 300 of the native plants from the region.

Grows at Griffith is the first publicly-available teaching app for smart phones and tablets. This app can be used by anyone to identify over 300 of the 750 plants found across Griffith’s five campuses using simple search terms and 900 high quality images.

Professor Catherine Pickering, from the School of Environment, will be talking about these exciting innovations and the Gold Coast campus ‘Rare and Threatened Plant Walk’ which includes critically endangered Bottle Trees, the largest terrestrial orchid in Australia, and a native olive that is down to just 17 plants in the wild.

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