Masters and Slaves

Masters and Slaves

Thought you knew your literary greats? Think again!

In this must see event students from the School of Humanities, accompanied by Popular Music students, deliver a piece dedicated to a famous author - the mood varies - from take down critiques, satirical rants, to dedications and painful homages the event asks who really are the great literary masters and who the slaves?

This year that gamut of masters widens with comedians and filmmakers thrown into the mix in a sometimes hilarious, sometimes moving look at the power of storytelling.

In 2015 Ashleigh Watson gets lost in Joan Didion's notebooks, Dean Barker tries to out monotone comedian Steven Wright, Simon Jun goes to battle with Ayn Rand, Ben Brown recalls a youth spent with Terry Pratchett and H. Rider Haggard, Cordelia Adams waves back at philosopher and physicist Erwin Schrodinger, Paige Townsend rolls around in Tara June Winch's poetics and Rhys Pimm takes us on a tour of Blaxploitation cinema.

See who wins, as the pets battle their masters!

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