Brisbane Open House

Brisbane Open House

As part of the Brisbane Open House event this week-end, the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre will be open from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 10 October. The architects of the bulding will be conducting tours on the hour, from 10am to 3pm.

The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre was a significant project for Griffith's 40 year history as a leader in environmental science. 

Revolutionary in design, the building incorporates photovoltaic arrays with new hydrogen-metal hydride storage technologies to power its teaching and research activities. The Sir Samuel Griffith Centre is a world first demonstration of a scale solar-hydrogen storage building.

As an example of genuine sustainable energy alternatives, the Centre showcases Griffith's commitment to finding practical solutions to environmental issues. It is a model for off-grid and remote communities in Australia and internationally.

The concept for the $40 million Centre derives in part from Griffith research by Professor Evan Gray, leader of the principal node of the National Hydrogen Materials Reference Facility (NHMRF). Headquartered at Griffith, the state-of-the-art reference laboratory focuses on hydrogen storage materials. With funding from the Australian Research Council, the NHMRF supports research collaborations between a number of prestigious universities in Australia and overseas.

The building has been constructed over six levels of approximately 1000m2 of floor space per level. The lower two levels contain a mix of large and small seminar rooms and a 220 seat lecture theatre. The upper four levels include offices, higher degree by research 'hubs', meeting rooms and collaboration zones.

The new Red Zone at the Nathan campus, situated within the Sir Samuel Griffith Centre, features interactive technology and massive projection displays, providing an immersive learning experience.

Showcasing the latest research and teaching expertise across Griffith University, the Red Zone is open to staff and students, as well as visitors from schools and community groups, corporate clients, and international guests.

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