The Art of Paying Attention

The Art of Paying Attention

Principal speaker

Martina Sheehan | Founder, Mind Gardener

The work environment is busier, more distracting, and more rapidly changing than ever before. These challenges demand new techniques for remaining focused, clear-minded and positive.

Join the Griffith Business School Alumni Network and Founder of Mind Gardener®, Martina Sheehan, for an interactive business breakfast that will ensure you leave feeling decisive and ready to start planning for success in 2016.

Martina's presentation will provide you with a new perspective on a capability often taken for granted: the ability to pay attention. You will hear the facts about attention, understand why paying attention is becoming so difficult, learn how attention really works, explore the traps that commonly trip people in work and in life, and walk away with some simple and practical techniques for reviving the health and effectiveness of your attention.

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