Menzies Health Institute Queensland 2016 Seminar Series - Professor Anita Bamford-Wade

Menzies Health Institute Queensland 2016 Seminar Series - Professor Anita Bamford-Wade

Principal speaker

Professor Anita Bamford-Wade

Professor Anita Bamford-Wade

D Nurs, MA, Dip Bus, RN
Gold Coast University Hospital

MenziesHIQ member

Griffith University

Seminar Title: The Hallmarks of Success in Healthcare


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In December 2015, I undertook a benchmarking visit to leading international healthcare organisations in Toronto which included Sunnybrook Hospital, St Michaels Hospital and Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, Mt Sinai Hospital, and the Centre of Inter professional Education at University of Toronto.   These centres are all teaching healthcare organisations which are connected in a local network of healthcare providers connected to the universities in Toronto.

I wanted to explore ways to nurture the energy, enthusiasm and a culture of inquiry for changing practice at the point of care through the creation, translation and application of new knowledge here at Gold Coast Health Services.  So my questions were “How to build research and innovation capacity at the point of care?” “How to promote a culture of inquiry?” and “How to grow a ground swell in the utilisation of evidence based research?”

Given these organisations’ had an international reputation and have been on this journey for 10 years plus, I was keen to learn from their experience and find out

What things made them so successful?

What stands out as really important in your development?

What were your hardest challenges? How did you deal with these?  Do you have any advice for those starting out?

This presentation will share with you the findings of this inquiry.  I will discuss the systematic approach utilised in creating new understandings of practice with the purpose of integrating this knowledge into innovative approaches to care.  Fundamental to this systematic approach is the engagement of point of care health professionals who have firsthand experience with the question under exploration and the ability to contribute to the research process.


Dr Anita Bamford-Wade commenced as Professor of Nursing and Midwifery at Gold Coast University Hospital (0.8) / Griffith University (0.2) in February 2014.  Anita came from Auckland University of Technology (AUT) 2005-2014.  At AUT University, Anita was Joint Head of Nursing in the School of Health Care Practice 2006 -2012. Anita’s teaching was in the Master of Health Science and Doctor of Health Science programs: Leadership and Management, Clinical Governance and Health Policy Applied. 

Prior to AUT, Anita was Executive Director of Nursing at Capital and Coast District Health Board Wellington 1997-2005 and Executive Director of Nursing at Mercy Hospital and Health Services Auckland 1988-1995.  Anita has extensive experience in both nursing leadership and governance roles in healthcare and education.  Her governance roles include Lakes District Health Board (Rotorua) 1996-2000, Nursing Advocacy Board, 1998-2007 (Baltimore), Carmel College Auckland Board of Trustees 2005-2010 and Proprietors Board 2005-2013.

Since commencing at GCHHS, Anita is a member of GCHHS Executive team, Clinical Governance, Nursing and Midwifery Executive, Queensland Nursing & Midwifery Executive Council, Queensland Health Journey towards Nursing & Midwifery Excellence Advisory Council, Queensland Executive Director of Nursing and Midwifery Committee, Office of the Chief Nurse (OCNMO) Business Planning Framework 5th Edition Committee, OCNMO Advanced Nursing Committee, Strategic Leaders Committee,  a full member of Menzies Health Institute Griffith University and the Royal College of Nursing Australia.

Anita’s research interests are in leadership and organizational change.

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