Language Teacher's Forum

Language Teacher's Forum
Language Teacher's Forum

Principal speaker

Ms Gina Ferraro

Other speakers

Ms Michelle Horn (Assistant Manager for International Services) Mr Mark Pappas (Project Officer for International Services)

Griffith University’s School of Humanites, Languages and Social Science (HLSS) and the Modern Language Teachers’ Association of Queensland Inc. (MLTAQ) invite you to the Language Teachers’ Forum for May.

The aim of the forum is to bring together language teachers and researchers and others interested in language teaching, for some great discussions on new ideas and directions. It is also a great way for current teachers to earn hours towards the professional development requirements of the Qld College of Teachers.

What is International Services?

We will have three speakers from International Services within Department of Education and Training, which aims to deliver social, cultural and intellectual benefits to Queensland through the provision of quality international education and training products and services to domestic and international clients.

International Services establish and maintain the department's framework of international cooperation and manages various student and teacher exchange programs, scholarships and bursaries designed to provide quality language-based international educational and professional development opportunities.

Session Overview

Attendees can expect a presentation of some of the programs the International Services branch manages within the Department of Education and Training. This will cover both student and teacher opportunities with many available to teachers and students of the three school sectors.  I have attached our promotional brochure should you wish to place on your website or disseminate with your invitation.  Our session will include a short presentation of the programs we offer and some opportunities for questions and answers.

Sister Schools – discussion around who has them, who would like to develop one.  The types of assistance International Services can provide in facilitating such arrangements.  We would also to hear from attendees about arrangements they may have in place – what works and what could be improved.

A dinner in South Bank will follow the meeting for those interested.


Gina Ferraro is the Manager of the International Services within the Department of Education and Training. Gina has extensive experience in international government to government relations, international education, and trade & investment. Having joined DETi’s International Services team in 2015, Gina has previously worked for Trade and Investment Queensland from 2003 to 2015 and prior to that worked in a Queensland state school for 10 years.

Michelle Horn is an Assistant Manager for International Services, within the Department of Education and Training. Michelle currently overseas the marketing, promotion and delivery of international student exchanges within the team. She has previously managed many high level projects including the Premier’s Anzac Prize from 2012 to 2015.

Mark Pappas is a Project Officer for International Services, within the Department of Education and Training. Mark manages a range of activities within the Department’s suite of exchange programs which see teachers and students travelling overseas to interact with other cultures and become fluent in languages. Prior to this Mark worked at Australia House in London for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and on the G20 for the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet.

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