2016 Fitzgerald Lecture

2016 Fitzgerald Lecture
2016 Fitzgerald Lecture

Principal speaker

Professor Gillian Triggs

The Fitzgerald Biennial Lecture Series is a flagship program that honours the contribution to Queensland made by the Honourable Gerald Edward (Tony) Fitzgerald AC, QC. The first lecture was held on the 20 year anniversary of his landmark report on corruption and good governance in the state.

The Fitzgerald Report marks a watershed in Queensland and Australia's political history. In addition to the justice and governance reforms, the report and inquiry served as a catalyst and inspiration to many researchers and practitioners working in these fields. The 2016 Fitzgerald Lecture will be presented by Professor Gillian Triggs, President of the Australian Human Rights Commission.

Professor Gillian Triggs will be presenting on 'The Decline of Human Rights in an Australian Democracy'.

Proceeds from the ticket fees will go towards the Griffith University Tony Fitzgerald Scholarship Program which was established to contribute to our future democratic balance.

Tickets: $25 each

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