Integrity 20

Integrity 20
Integrity 20

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Shami Chakrabarti (UK) Human Rights Activist, Sarah Chayes (US) Award-winning author and former reporter for National Public Radio, Peter Greste (Australia) Foreign correspondent, Raimond Gaita (Australia) Author, philosopher and public intellectual, James S Henry (US) Investigative economist and attorney, Charles Lewis (US) Investigative journalist, best-selling author, professor, Robert Manne (Australia) Public intellectual & commentator, author and Emeritus Professor, Sakdiyah Ma'ruf (Indonesia) Stand-up comedian, Rafael Marques de Morais (Angola) Anti-corruption campaigner, investigative journalist, Alex Mathieson (Australia) Programs Director and Oxfam Australia, Penelope Mathew (Australia) Dean and Head of School, Griffith Law School, Shellie Morris (Australia) Singer Songwriter

Integrity 20 [formerly known as the Global Integrity Summit] is a an annual 2-day conference October 25-26  that examines our greatest global challenges, exploring their integrity dimensions and placing ethics, morality and human values at the core.

This year's program entitled 'Age of Insecurities' will spotlight some of the thorniest global issues in our ‘age of insecurity’; human displacement; conflict and terrorism; censorship and free speech; the rapid rise of intelligent machines; destabilised democracies; politics, prosperity and inequality; corruption and rule by thieves. A dynamic line-up of speakers include Shami Chakrabarti (UK) Human rights activist, lawyer and campaigner, Sarah Chayes (US) Award-winning author and former reporter for National Public Radio, Peter Greste (Australia) Foreign correspondent, Raimond Gaita (Australia) Author, philosopher and public intellectual.   James S Henry (US) Investigative economist and attorney, Charles Lewis (US) Investigative journalist, best-selling author, professor, Robert Manne (Australia) Public intellectual & commentator, author and Emeritus Professor, Sakdiyah Ma'ruf (Indonesia) Stand-up comedian, Rafael Marques de Morais (Angola)
Anti-corruption campaigner, investigative journalist, Alex Mathieson (Australia)
Programs Director and Oxfam Australia, Penelope Mathew (Australia)
Dean and Head of School, Griffith Law School, Shellie Morris (Australia)
Singer Songwriter

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