Entrepreneurship Seminar: Consumer Psychology

Entrepreneurship Seminar:  Consumer Psychology
Entrepreneurship Seminar: Consumer Psychology

Principal speaker

Dr Robin Pentecost

Other speakers

Fady Hanna, Flagship Digital and Glenn Elin, Animal World Pet Resorts

Griffith Business School, in conjunction with the Logan Office of Economic Development, are proudly hosting the 2017 Entrepreneurship Seminar Series. The series comprises ten seminars covering business topics relevant for 'start up' businesses and small to medium enterprises (SMEs).

Held on Griffith University's Logan campus, the seminars are free of charge and everyone is welcome. As each seminar covers a specific independent topic it is not essential to attend the entire series, so feel free to attend any topic of your choosing as the year progresses.

The next entrepreneurship seminar, 'Consumer Psychology', will be held on 18 July

The great philosopher Descartes once said "I think therefore I am". This still holds true today in that it is what we know and how we feel that drive our behaviour, and this applies to your customers. In this seminar we look at what this means for you and your business from three different perspectives; 1/ the theory underlying consumer behaviour, 2/ why this is important from a branding perspective and 3/ how this pans out in reality. Come along and enjoy.

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RSVP on or before Friday 14 July 2017 , by email l.groundwater@griffith.edu.au, or by phone 3382 1126

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