Engaging and partnering with corporate clients on a research project: Turning the challenges into wins

Engaging and partnering with corporate clients on a research project: Turning the challenges into wins

Principal speaker

Dr Rebecca Loudoun

Other speakers

Vicki Webster

Best practice project management includes risk mitigation strategies, but doesn't always predict the challenges the project teams will face in achieving project objectives. Nor do the client objectives remain static for the term of the project. Rebecca and Vicki will discuss how they scoped (and rescoped) the project, what went well (and to plan), and the aspects that were more challenging (i.e. timelines and budget impacted by 'business as usual', as well as unforeseen events). Strategies for developing strong relationships with client stakeholders based in Perth, and for building the reputation of the University's expertise in client engagement and partnership will be covered. The project and tool development methodology and initial data analysis results will also be presented. Members from the Griffith research team will be in attendance too.

Speakers: Dr Rebecca Loudoun is a Senior Lecturer and Director of Engagement in the Department of Employment Relations and Human Resources. She has more than two decades experience researching and teaching in the area of work health and safety, including as lead researcher on more than 9 funded research projects in the last 10 years. Most recently she led a large Queensland Government-funded research project investigating lifestyle diseases diseases in the construction industry. She is currently the Project Lead, working on an intervention tool with an industry employer to assist in the recruitment of workers who embody the organisation's health and safety practices and principles.

Dr Vicki Webster is an organisational psychologist and Sessional Lecturer in the Griffith Business School's corporate education (Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management). She has over 15 years consulting with clients in the organisational development and leadership space. She is currently Project Manager, working with Rebecca, liaising between the research team and the client in the development of a tool to assess safety mindset.

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