Block to the Future: Initial Coin Offerings Masterclass

Block to the Future: Initial Coin Offerings Masterclass

Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) have recently attracted billions of dollars of investment. The Law Futures Centre Blockchain Research Group has tracked more than 250 ICOs since 2016 and we know many more are in the pipeline. To some they represent the Wild West of new technologies. To others such as the SEC they probably need reining in before they get out of control.

This masterclass is designed to inform you about ICOs, to see how they are done, what the legalities are, whether they are right for you, and what the benefits and pitfalls of ICOs are:

-Understand ICOs and blockchain technology
-Learn the process of bringing token sale to market
-Be aware of legal and regulatory (anti-money laundering, know your client) issues surrounding ICOs


-Professor John Flood, Professor of Law and Society, Griffith University; Research Fellow, UCL Research Centre for Blockchain Technologies
-Dr Adrian McCullagh, ODMOB Lawyers; Adjunct Research Fellow, Law Futures Centre
-Bruce Parker, Director-Finance, Imagus Technology
-Nick Heaney, Co-Founder, Skrilla and Puntaa
-Jamie Skella, Co-Founder, Horizon State


-What and why Initial Coin Offerings?
-What are the advantages over venture capital funding?
-What is blockchain and distributed ledger technology? Why is it important?
-Role and types of cryptocurrency, exchanges, and wallets
-Case study: Ethereum and Ether: what they are and why they are important for smart contracts, DAOs and ICOs
-Case study: The DAO and SEC response
-What is a token? How they differ from Ether and Bitcoin
-What tokens represent and what they are not: Measure of value? Security? Voting rights
-Tradability of tokens? Donations?
-What do you want to do with tokens?
-What is your token ecosystem?
-How to structure token sale? (white papers and other disclosures, legal and regulatory issues, quantities and release of tokens, importance of teams and advisory boards-financial, technical, legal, marketing, CRM)
-How to cultivate your token community
-How to manage token distributions
-After a successful token sale, what next?

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