GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Workshop 1

GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Workshop 1

These workshops are part of the GriffithBUSINESS Schools' Outreach Program and allows high school students to take part in on campus lectures and tutorials before they graduate. Applications close Monday 5 February, find out more here.

There are three available topics for each workshop and they are listed below:

Managing yourself in the gig economy

The trend towards the gig economy, where temporary positions and short term contract engagements are the norm, has a big impact on the future of employment.

What does the working future look like for the youth of Australia? What advantages does this offer to our employers, graduates, students and employees? How does this impact on human resource management and the community?

The business is doing well, but is it really good business?

Corporate social responsibility has become a big issue for business. Is it money well spent? How do we know it has an impact? What does social impact mean?

Kicking a goal for Australia!

Australia is known for putting on a good show but does it grow the economy? Do major sporting and other events create opportunities that benefit the Australian way of life? What are the benefits and why should we host events? Will more leisure time for our future generations mean larger events or an increase in the number of smaller events? What about associated travel experiences?

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