Leading at the speed of change: A new bionic era for healthcare

Leading at the speed of change: A new bionic era for healthcare

Principal speaker

Dr Dimity Dornan AO

Menzies Health Institute Queensland Lecture


Leading at the speed of change: A new bionic era for healthcare


We live and work in a world where science, technology and the internet are colliding, revealing the promise of a new world of health, wealth and happiness for Australians. Dr Dornan's vision is for an Australia where no-one is left behind and that this new world of prosperity will be available for all. The bionic ear invented by Australian ENT surgeon Professor Graeme Clark, represented the world-first successful commercialisation of a neuromodulation device, which interfaces with the brain and nervous system and changes it. Now scientists who worked on the bionic ear are developing other new bionics devices to help various disorders like vision impairment, brain disorders, organ conditions and limb and movement challenges. This exciting new frontier of bionics needs collaboration, funding and support if Australia and Australians are to benefit. Human Bionics Interface and Bionics Queensland have been initiated to accelerate the growth in this industry and translate research to transform lives.


Dimity Dornan AO is a Speech Pathologist, the Founder and Executive Director of Hear and Say, which enables deaf children to listen and speak. Hear and Say provides services for over 900 children and families. Dimity also initiated Hear and Say Research and Innovation, and Hear and Say WorldWide global professional training. She has been recognised with numerous awards and was recently inducted in the Queensland Business Leaders Hall of Fame and received the award Queensland Senior Australian of the year and the Business Leader of the Year India Australia Business and Community Awards.


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