Academic writing and scientific integrity

Academic writing and scientific integrity

Principal speaker

Professor Kuei-Min Chen

Menzies Health Institute Queensland Program Seminar with Optimising Health Outcomes


Academic writing and scientific integrity


This presentation has two parts:

- academic writing, and

- scientific integrity

Based on years of experiences of being an editor, editorial board member, and reviewer of various international journals, Professor Kuei-Min Chen will illustrate the four steps of writing a journal article: planning, preparation, writing the manuscript, and getting published. Examples of writing a paper outline, cover letter, and response letter will be given. At the end, the scientific integrity in terms of duplicate publications, plagiarism, authorship, and transparency will be described.


Kuei-Min Chen is a Professor at College of Nursing, Director of Master Program of Long-term Care in Aging, and Director of Center for Long-term Care Research at the Kaohsiung Medical University, Taiwan. Professor Chen has been teaching, practicing, and conducting research in the field of gerontological nursing for almost 30 years. Her research focuses on developing and applying various complementary/alternative therapies to promote the health of older populations. Professor Chen leads an interprofessional research team called the "Health Promotion of Older Adults", and has developed five innovative exercise programs for various older populations that are being used in 212 community care centers and 20 long-term care facilities in Taiwan: 1) the Simplified Tai-Chi Exercise Program (STEP), 2) the Silver Yoga (SY), 3) the Senior Elastic Band (SEB), 4) the Wheelchair-bound Senior Elastic Band (WSEB), and 5) the Healthy Beat Acupunch (HBA). Moreover, she has identified the key health indicators of older adults and developed a "Health Model for Older Adults", which has been highly-cited by the international scholars. Her work has been disseminated in international journals and conferences. She is successful with many grants and awards. In particular, she is the youngest recipient of the "Outstanding Nursing Professional Contribution" awarded by the Taiwan Nurses Association. Moreover, Professor Chen has just been inducted as the Fellow of the American Academy of Nursing (FAAN) and received the Amy J. Berman Geriatric Nursing Leadership Award from the Sigma Theta Tau International in 2017.


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