GriffithBUSINESS Ambassadors Workshop 1

GriffithBUSINESS Ambassadors Workshop 1

The program provides up to ten exceptional students from each school, who have an interest in business as a career, with the opportunity to become a Business Ambassador for their school. A number of workshops and activities, designed to develop students' knowledge and introduce them to the university environment, are offered throughout the year. Nominated students may vary from workshop to workshop, with attendance based upon interest in each topic.

A Griffith lecturer hosts the day conducting a presentation on the topic. Following the presentation students complete an interactive activity, working with students from other schools to generate a response to the task. Students are also provided with information on degrees offered by Griffith that align with the topic, as well as additional information related to tertiary study options.

The program aims to develop social entrepreneurship, innovative skills and knowledge, through connecting secondary schools with Griffith University. The Ambassadors Program provides a valuable educational setting, where learning is relevant and real, working to create partnerships between teachers, academics and students in support of vibrant, connected and resilient communities.

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