Achieving the best relationship with your mentor

Achieving the best relationship with your mentor

Principal speaker

Dr Vineet Chopra


Achieving the best relationship with your mentor


Mentorship is an age old art. It is critical to the academic success of both mentors and mentees. Yet, good mentorship is often elusive and mentees often struggle with adapting to their new role. In this talk, the speaker will review their work in the field of mentorship and identify best practices for mentors. Using a Star Wars analogy, he will also highlight the "dark side" of mentorship, and suggest ways in which to overcome the lure of the dark side!


Dr Vineet Chopra is Associate Professor of Medicine, Chief of the Division of Hospital Medicine and Research Scientist at Michigan Medicine and the VA Ann Arbor Health System.

A career hospitalist, Dr Chopra's research is dedicated to improving the safety of hospitalized patients through prevention of hospital-acquired complications. His work focuses on identifying and preventing complications such as infection and thrombosis associated with central venous catheters, with a particular emphasis on peripherally inserted central catheters. Dr Chopra is funded by a Career Development Award from the Agency of Healthcare Research and Quality. He has also received grant support from the National Institute of Aging, the Blue Cross/Blue Shield Foundation of Michigan, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the American Heart Association.

Dr Chopra is the recipient of numerous teaching and research awards including the 2016 Kaiser Permanente Award for Teaching (Clinical), the Jerome W. Conn Award for Outstanding Research in the Department of Medicine at Michigan, the 2016 Society of Hospital Medicine Excellence in Research Award, the 2014 McDevitt Award for Research Excellence, and the 2014 Society of Hospital Medicine Young Investigator Award. He has published over 100 peer-reviewed papers and serves as Associate Editor at the American Journal of Medicine and the Journal of Hospital Medicine. Dr Chopra is also Feature Editor for Annals for Hospitalists, a new addition to Annals of Internal Medicine.


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