MHIQ Seminar Series Disability & Rehabilitation - Topic: GCORE

MHIQ Seminar Series  Disability & Rehabilitation - Topic: GCORE

Principal speaker

Professor Ming Hao Zheng

Other speakers

Dr Cedryck Vaquette

Menzies Health Institute Queensland Seminar Series

Disability & Rehabilitation

Topic: GCORE - Host: Professor David Lloyd

Abstracts -

Professor Ming Hao Zheng - The treatment algorithm of tendinopathy and tendon injury

Tendinopathy represents a whole spectrum of heterogeneous conditions of tendon disorders encompassing a group of pathologies, ranged from overuse to degeneration related rupture. Although heterogeneous pathology of tendinopathy has started to be recognised, many treatment modalities developed do not address the fundamental principle of how tendon histology landscape responds to mechanical loadings. Many current non-operative treatments still fall short to target the underlying heterogeneous pathology. Here we propose the development of a treatment algorithm of tendinopathy according to the stage of the pathology of tendinopathy and integrated various non-operative treatments in the algorithm. We relate the pathophysiology of the different grades of tendinopathy to the basic science principles that underpin the mechanisms of action of the non-operative treatments available, to propose a treatment algorithm guiding the management of tendinopathy depending on severity. The current clinical data has shown promised outcome on the restoration of functional cells that are capable of synthesizing the extracellular matrix and repairing the damaged tissue.

Dr Cedryck Vaquette - Additive manufacturing for orthopaedic and dental regeneration

Three dimensional printing, or additive manufacturing, allows the production of customized scaffolds that can enhance orthopaedic and craniofacial reconstruction and regeneration. This seminar will present the latest developments our group has performed in this field for applications ranging from vertical bone augmentation, periodontal regeneration, anterior cruciate ligament and scapholunate interosseous ligament replacement. Common to these projects is the utilisation of 3D printing and melt electrospinning writing, and the presentation will highlight how these technologies can advance the field.

Biographies -

Prof Ming Hao Zheng - is the Winthrop Professor and Director of Research at the Translational Orthopaedic Research Centre, Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Perth and the Associate Dean (International) of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences, the University of Western Australia. Prof. Ming Hao Zheng serves as Chief Scientific Officer of Orthocell Limited. Professor Zheng is the inventor of the ATI and CellGro technologies. Previously, he held the position of Chief Scientific Officer for Verigen Australia and established a clinical GMP laboratory and has been involved in cultivating cartilage cells for the surgical implantation for several years. He completed his PhD in 1993 and Doctor of Medicine (DM) in 1998 UWA and is a Fellow of the Royal College of Pathologists.

Dr Cedryck Vaquette - graduated from the European School of Material Science in 2003 and started a PhD in Tissue Engineering in the Laboratoire d'Energétique et de Mécanique Théorique et Appliquée in 2004. He graduated in 2008 and moved to The University of Queensland in the Australian Institute for Bioengineering and Nanotechnology. In 2010 Dr Vaquette joined Prof Dietmar Hutmacher's group in the Institute of Health and Biomedical Innovation at the Queensland University of Technology where he held a Vice-Chancellor's Research Fellowship. Now back at the University of Queensland in the School of Dentistry, Dr Vaquette is involved in the development of multiphasic structures for various Tissue Engineering applications (bone, periodontal and craniofacial regeneration). His research interests are electrospinning, Tissue Engineering for dental and orthopaedic applications, bone regeneration and angiogenesis.


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