GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Workshop 2

GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Workshop 2

The GriffithBUSINESS Year 12 Program provides an opportunity for high-achieving Year 12 business students to experience university first-hand. Students participate in a minimum of two workshops based around the theme of social entrepreneurship and innovation, as well as an online employability module. The following topics are available for Workshop 2:

Financial Planning for the new way we work

Working environments are evolving to embrace self-employment, contract and project work, and multiple career changes. In light of this how do we address the gender pay gap and superannuation issues?

Is Australia ready to take the stage in Asia?

Does Australia have cultural competence, Asia readiness and are we ready to take advantage of the opportunities that the growth of the middle class and demand for services present for Australian business. How do we navigate and make our way in the region?

Tourism and hospitality - a remarkable industry!

Ask just about anyone where the job market is booming and they will probably mention tourism. Demand for professional staff in international tourism organisations continues to build, particularly in the Asia-Pacific region which represents one of the largest and fastest growing industry markets. So what's the excitement all about and how can you make a career out of it?

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