Social Marketing Masterclass (Introductory)

Social Marketing Masterclass (Introductory)
Social Marketing Masterclass (Introductory)

Principal speaker

Professor Sharyn Rundle-Thiele

Other speakers

Dr Timo Dietrich

Think more like a marketer
Commercial marketing is centered on the consumer and is focused on delivering a competitive value offering that is superior in some way to the competition. Marketers seek to understand their target audience and their competitors before creating an offering to meet the target market's needs and wants.

Working with all stakeholders, social marketers understand what moves and motivates people and delivers programs that "play to win".

In 2002 Alan Andreasen outlined 6 key social marketing benchmarks stating that when 1 or more are used it is social marketing. Fast forward to 2018 and we know that change is more likely when more social marketing benchmarks are used.

This workshop introduces you to the commercial marketing mindset delivering you the tools you need to compete against commercial marketers.

If you want to reduce a problem behaviour, then you need to play the game to win!

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