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GriffithBUSINESS Teacher Professional Development

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Sport and soft power

The Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast is a timely reminder about the role of sport as a soft power asset. How can we make these mega-sporting events human rights compliant and inclusive? What type of impact would that approach have on Australia's nation brand?


Professor Caitlin Bryne
Professor Byrne is Director, Griffith Asia Institute. Her teaching and research is focused on diplomacy and soft power in the Asia-Pacific with a special interest in the role and relevance of people-to-people links including those forged through international education, culture, sport and social media.

Associate Professor Susan Harris-Rimmer
Associate Professor Harris-Rimmer is an Australian Research Council Future Fellow in the Griffith Law School. She is the author of over 30 refereed academic works and often acts as a policy adviser to government and produces policy papers.
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