Griffith Asia Institute Seminar: Urban housing challenges in China

Griffith Asia Institute Seminar: Urban housing challenges in China
Griffith Asia Institute Seminar: Urban housing challenges in China

Principal speaker

Dr Zhi Liu

This presentation will provide an overview of the urban housing challenges in China. A housing reform in 1998 moved the urban housing provision to the market, and a government policy in 2003 designated the real estate sector as one of the pillar industries of the national economy. Since then and until 2014, China had experienced a "Golden Period" of unprecedented rapid growth of housing markets and prices. Over the last few years, the local housing markets have exhibited a diverging pattern. While housing demand in the first-tier and a few second-tier cities remains strong and prices continue to grow, demand in most other cities, especially the third- and fourth-tier cities cool down significantly, leaving huge quantity of inventory of newly or partially completed housing units. This presentation will discuss the structural issues in the housing market development of the last 15 years. It touches upon the issues of land policy, municipal finance, financial sector, and affordable housing policy. It will also discuss the current housing sector reform and the way forward.

Dr Zhi Liu has been Director of Peking University - Lincoln Institute Center for Urban Development and Land Policy, and Senior Research Fellow and China Program Director with the Lincoln Institute of Land Policy since September, 2013. Prior, Mr. Liu was Lead Infrastructure Specialist at the World Bank where he had worked for 18 years, with operational experiences in a number of developing countries. He had managed a number of investment lending projects and economic sector studies in the infrastructure and urban sectors. He holds a B.S. in Economic Geography from Sun Yat-Sen University (China), a M.S. in City and Regional Planning from Nanjing University (China), and a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from Harvard University.

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