Solar Power to the People

Solar Power to the People
Solar Power to the People

Principal speaker

Jörn Haake

Other speakers

Dalia Mikhail Phil Livingstone

Australian energy retailers are charging the highest electricity prices in the world. Nowhere are the costs of relying on dirty energy technologies and unreliable grid supply as painfully felt as in Australia today.

The good news is we don't need permission from anyone to team up in our communities and make renewable energy a reality. We've partnered with SolarKraft and Solar Schools to bring power to the people and build Australia's renewable future.

Now families across the country have a greater opportunity than ever to participate in the solar economy, cut their household bills and help save our planet. If you're considering solar, now is a better time than ever. Join the movement!

Whether you've got panels already, are looking to expand or are thinking about adding batteries then this day is for you. Bring your power bill to the event and find out what system size is ideal for you.

We'll be featuring great speakers who have years of experience installing solar in residential, commercial and educational settings, hear from Dalia Mikhail who started the amazing Solar Schools movement and Phil Livingstone the Managing Director and Founder of Redback Technologies who will be showcasing Redbacks's innovative power management solution and answering questions about their exciting plans for the Australian energy sector.
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