MHIQ Program Seminar Series Infectious Diseases & Immunology Elemental Metabolomics

MHIQ Program Seminar Series Infectious Diseases & Immunology Elemental Metabolomics

Principal speaker

Professor Constantinos Georgiou

Menzies Health Institute Queensland Program Seminar Series

Infectious Diseases & Immunology

Elemental Metabolomics - Host Dr Ping Zhang

Abstract -

Elemental metabolomics is quantification and characterization of total concentration of chemical elements in biological samples and monitoring of their changes. Recent advances in inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry have enabled simultaneous measurement of concentrations of & >70 elements in biological samples. In living organisms, elements interact and compete with each other for absorption and molecular interactions. They also interact with proteins and nucleotide sequences. These interactions modulate enzymatic activities and are critical for many molecular and cellular functions. Testing for concentration of & >40 elements in blood, other bodily fluids and tissues is now in routine use in advanced medical laboratories. In this presentation, we define the basic concepts of elemental metabolomics, summarize standards and workflows, and propose minimum information for reporting the results of an elemental metabolomics experiment. Major statistical and informatics tools for elemental metabolomics are reviewed, and examples of applications are discussed. Elemental metabolomics is emerging as an important new technology with applications in medical diagnostics, nutrition, agriculture, food science, environmental science and multiplicity of other areas.

Biography -

Professor Constantinos Georgiou from the Agricultural University of Athens, Greece is working in food authentication, determining geographic, genetic and processing food origin through analytical techniques. He is a European Union expert in food authentication and is interested in Elemental Metabolomics by elemental mass spectrometry and has edited the Willey-Blackwell book: FOOD AUTHENTICATION: Analysis, Regulation & Consumers.


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