Using research to inform sexuality care for gynaecological cancer patients

Using research to inform sexuality care for gynaecological cancer patients

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Ka-ming Chow


Using research to inform sexuality care for gynaecological cancer patients


Gynaecological cancer (GC) is a common female cancer worldwide. A new diagnosis of GC arouses high level of uncertainty in illness, psychological distress and impaired sexual functioning among the patients. According to the National Cancer Institute, sexual dysfunction affects 50% of GC survivors and such problems may last for prolonged periods. Despite the profound impacts of impaired sexual functioning and the problems prevalent among GC patients, both care and interventions in this area are still neglected in most countries including Hong Kong. In this research seminar, the speaker will present her trajectory of developing sexual assessment tools and evidence-based psycho-educational intervention programme for GC patients to assist them better to adjust to their illness. In addition, using a concept mapping approach, a recent study on development of a practice model, based on the views from GC patients, their spouses/partners, registered nurses and physicians working in the specialty, to guide and promote the provision of sexuality nursing care to Hong Kong GC patients will be presented.


Dr Ka-ming Chow is an Assistant Professor of the Nethersole School of Nursing, Faculty of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong. She is a registered nurse and a registered midwife, and had worked at gyne-oncology specialty for nearly 10 years. Her research focuses on psychosocial care and symptom control for oncology patients, in particular sexuality care for gynaecological cancer patients. Her publications include interventional studies and review papers in peer reviewed journals. She received a Young Investigator Award in 2013, and has been invited to present at various local and regional conferences. In recent years, she has successfully obtained a total amount of exceeding HKD1.5 million from various research funding agencies including General Research Fund and Health and Medical Research Fund. She has extensively translated research findings into high-quality clinical practice. She is currently an editorial board member and a reviewer for a number of peer reviewed journals, such as Cancer Nursing, European Journal of Oncology Nursing, Journal of Clinical Nursing, Journal of Advanced Nursing and International Society of Nurses in Cancer Care (ISNCC).


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