GCI Seminar Series: Tony Beatton and Matteo Sandi

GCI Seminar Series: Tony Beatton and Matteo Sandi
GCI Seminar Series: Tony Beatton and Matteo Sandi

Principal speaker

Dr Tony Beatton

Other speakers

Dr Matteo Sandi

You are invited to the GCI Seminar Series presented by Tony Beatton and
Matteo Sandi:

Age in Cohort, School Indiscipline and Crime:
Regression-Discontinuity Estimates for Queensland

Date: Thursday 20 September 2018
Time: 12pm till 1:30pm - Light Lunch served on arrival
Venue: Building M10, Room 5.02 - Griffith University, Mt Gravatt campus

Tony Beatton*, Michael P. Kidd** and Matteo Sandi ***

* Institute for Social Science Research, University of Queensland

** School of Economics, Finance and Marketing, RMIT University

*** Centre for Economic Performance, London School of Economics


Youth crime involves millions of people each year, imposing extensive costs on society. This paper examines the effect of school starting age on in-school disciplinary sanctions and youth crime. Using administrative data matching education and criminal records for Queensland State secondary school students, the paper exploits school-entry administrative rules to define a regression discontinuity design. Younger pupils in cohort appear to receive more disciplinary sanctions during secondary school and to commit more crime after secondary school. A recent school-leaving age reform is also exploited to show that this crime-age profile is consistent with an incapacitation effect of school on crime.

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