Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research Public Lecture and Research Showcase

Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research Public Lecture and Research Showcase
Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research Public Lecture and Research Showcase

Principal speaker

Professor Julianne Schultz AM, FAHA

We are pleased to invite you to our Public Lecture and Research Showcase 2018. This year we will feature an address from Julianne Schultz AM, FAHA to mark her appointment as Professor of Media and Culture to the Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research. Julianne will deliver the following address:

What do we want to be when we grow up? The role of the humanities in a more mature national conversation

Public debate in Australia is in a parlous state. This is a period of global uncertainty due to the rise of China, climate change, digitisation and the weakening of the post-war order in America and Europe. These big issues demand serious attention, yet we are distracted by short term political posturing. Humanities scholars have a lot to contribute to these big issues, yet for the past two decades they have been under attack in a series of culture wars. The consequences of this are more important than we have realised. This address will argue that there is an urgent need for a more mature national conversation which draws on insights from the humanities.

Julianne Schultz AM, FAHA is an esteemed public intellectual contributing to key debates and the national dialogue. In November, Julianne will deliver the 2018 Annual Academy Lecture to the Council of the Australian Academy of the Humanities in Sydney. She is the Founding Editor, and now Publisher of Griffith Review, and author of several books, including Reviving the Fourth Estate (Cambridge) and Steel City Blues (Penguin). She has also written librettos to the operas Black River and Going Into Shadows. She became a Member of the Order of Australia for services to journalism and the community in 2009, and was made an honorary fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities the following year.

The evening will also spotlight a suite of recent books and edited collections from members of the Centre (see below).

New Books
Griffith Centre for Social and Cultural Research
Monographs (in alphabetical order of author)

Hasti Abbasi
Dislocation, Writing, and Identity in Australian and Persian Literature

Sarah Baker
Community Custodians of Popular Music's Past: A DIY Approach to Heritage

Kaya Barry
Everyday Practices of Tourism Mobilities

Robert Carr
Generosity and Refugees: The Kosovars in Exile

Sidney Dekker
The End of Heaven: Disaster and Suffering in a Scientific Age

Adis Duderija and Halim Rane
Islam and Muslims in the West: Major Issues and Debates

Kerrie Foxwell-Norton
Environmental Communication and Critical Coastal Policy: Communities, Culture and Nature

Jane Frank
Regenerating Regional Culture: A Study of the International Book Town Movement

Regina Ganter
The Contest for Aboriginal Souls - European Missionary Agendas in Australia

Margaret Gibson and Clarissa Carden
Living and Dying in a Virtual World

Cliff Goddard
Ten Lectures on Natural Semantic MetaLanguage: Exploring Language, Thought and Culture using Simple, Translatable Words

Abdi Hersi
Conceptualisation of Integration: An Australian Muslim Counter-Narrative

Sven Schottmann
Mahathir's Islam: Mahathir Mohamad on Religion and Modernity in Malaysia

Scott Downman and Kasun Ubayasiri
Journalism for Social Change in Asia: Reporting Human Rights

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