Introduction to Implementation Science: Relevance to Health Economists

Introduction to Implementation Science: Relevance to Health Economists

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Dr Erika Borkoles


Introduction to Implementation Science: Relevance to Health Economists


Introduction to implementation science. What is it? How do you do it? How applicable it is to economic evaluations in healthcare? It is well known that the uptake of Evidence-Based Practice is slow. On average it takes 17 years to make EBP routine in healthcare, and it might not be efficient or cost-effective by that time. The healthcare system in Australia is increasingly stretched and resource-constrained. There is a drive from the government to ensure that innovation/research investment maximizes healthcare value and improve public health. Therefore, the timing of the economic evaluation in the process of implementation is crucial. Health authorities, policy makers, and funders need to allocate funding for economic evaluations of implementation costs. Collaborating with health economists from the start of designing implementation trials will help to eliminate cost-ineffective implementation strategies.


Dr. Borkoles is an implementation scientist and a Chartered Psychologist (British Psychological Association). Her main areas of expertise are health behaviour change, designing health related interventions, and research methods. In the past 18 years her academic work has identified the social and cultural determinants and outcomes (e.g., mental health, cognitive functioning, physical health/functioning) of physical activity in the broader sense across the lifespan and different cultures. She has worked with people of all ages and gender, healthy or living with various chronic health conditions, such as stroke, morbid obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and MS. As a newly qualified implementation scientist, she learnt even more to appreciate what implementation science theories and approaches can offer to effectively uptake evidence based research findings into practice. This talk will introduce the audience to what implementation science is and the role of economic evaluation in the process of implementation.


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