LFC Seminar Series: Harmonised Standards in EU Law

LFC Seminar Series: Harmonised Standards in EU Law
LFC Seminar Series: Harmonised Standards in EU Law

Principal speaker

Associate Professor Jörgen Hettne


In light of the speedy technological development in society, technical standards are becoming increasingly important. In the early days, the tasks delegated to European standardisation bodies to draw up harmonised standards as a complement to EU New Approach Directives did not attract much political interest. Today, however, politicians and different stakeholders realise that the tasks delegated to the standardisation bodies are highly important for voters and consumers. In the light of this, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) has tried to balance the efficiency in the standard-making process with constitutional requirements under EU law. This development has been considered problematic, but can also be seen as a way for the European standardisation bodies to face the challenges inherent in the new political environment where the need for standards is very high. To find the right balance between efficiency and constitutional requirements is however tricky. It is important to preserve the voluntary and market-driven nature of standards. Therefore, the most important future challenge consists in finding a Renewed Approach which is flexible enough to be possible to apply in different areas depending on the political and societal interests at stake.

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Jörgen Hettne is Associate Professor of EU law and Head of Department at the Department of Business Law, Lund University School of Economics and Management. He is also Director of the Centre for European Studies at Lund University.

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Associate Professor Jörgen Hettne will present his Law Futures Seminar at the Griffith Law School (G36) Gold Coast campus with a videolink to the Griffith Law School (N61) Nathan campus. When registering for this seminar, please indicate in your email which campus you will attend.

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