A sense of Kathmandu

A sense of Kathmandu
A sense of Kathmandu

This exhibition presents a fragment of lived experiences of Nepal, through visual investigations into values, current social issues and politics. For three weeks in December 2018, eleven students from the Queensland College of Art, Griffith University who are studying various disciplines joined the infield project Doing Visual Politics with fifty-five other Australian, Bangladeshi and Nepalese students, immersing themselves in the life and culture of Kathmandu. These are the visual outcomes of the students' collaborative research, through the development of relationships with the existing communities and systems of Nepal.

Featured artists include: Kahlin Van Der Borgh, Kat Nancy, Marissa Lim, Molly Burley, Ning Yi Yeoh, Ricco Caiulo, Steve Mardon and Yan Zang. Curated by Dr Shehab Uddin and Seth Ellis.

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday 5 - Saturday 16 March
Opening Times: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 4pm
Where: Webb Gallery, 226 Grey Street, South bank, 4101

Please join us for the closing event on Friday, 15th March from 6pm

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