WaterColour: Kathryn Blumke

WaterColour: Kathryn Blumke
WaterColour: Kathryn Blumke

Kathryn Blumke is interested in painting the experience of the landscape through abstraction. Her research strongly explores colour in the landscape. Chromophobia or a fear of colour exists in contemporary art practice. Indeed, colour has been connected with the "other," with drawing linked with the masculine, intellectualism and colour associated with the feminine and considered secondary.

Kathryn's practice explores use of colour to describe feeling and affect as she experiences the landscape. She is interested in the revival of beauty and aesthetics in contemporary abstract painting. Her research extends the lineage of her Masters of Art research which made links with feminist central core imagery, quilting, pattern and decoration.

Exhibition Dates: Tuesday, 2 - Saturday, 13 July

Opening Hours: Tuesday - Saturday, 10am to 4pm

Where: Grey Street Gallery, S03, QCA South Bank, 4101

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